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 KNITTING WIDTH:  48", 56"
 NEEDLE PITCH :  5G   7G   12G   14G
 KNITTING SYSTEM :  Compund knitting can system, each system can execute knit, tuck and miss 3 technique at the same time.
 TURN NEEDLE SYSTEM :  Compound design, can turn around knitting backwards and forwards in bidirection at the same time.
 DENSITY CONTROL :  60 groups are controlled by progressing motor,0-99 parts of adjusting the tightness of the textile,special two parts of density triangle can be choosed the tightness circle density can be supplied for knitting.
 KNITTING VELOCITY:  PC controls the program, maximum 1.2m/s, fine adjustment of ten part speed each section is available.
 NEEDLE PICK SYSTEM:  Full jacquard ele-magnetic metal needle, 8 precise and stable selections of needle pick apparatus.
 YARN MOUTH SYSTEM:  16 pieces yarn mouth system are collected at both sides of four double-faced guide rails,which can be switch yarn mouth at the needle area, Quick high function.
 SINKER SYSTEM:   Uses yarn pressing , to reach knitting purpose.
 NEEDLE BED SYSTEM:  Uses inlays type, and piece-swing bed is controlled by servo motor.
 ROLLING CLOTH SYSTEM: Computerized procedure control, by stepping motor control, controlled by electrical motor with 31 parts of pull to adjust at random.
 KNOCKOFF:  Broken thread, knotted yarn, fallen cloth, broken needle, striker, back roll cloth, piece count, overload motor, heterotopia shaking table and handpiece.
 DRIVING-HEAD SYSTEM:  Servo motor controls, time regular belt drives the headpiece, and knitting width can be set freely.
 PC CONTROL BOX:  8" TFT LCD display, cofunction of the menu provide simply r and knitting dataente.
 SECURITY DEVICE :  Emergency machine-stopping buttin, security over with automatically turn off.
 AUTOMATIC STARTING BOTTOM:  Automatic operation system, process electronical control.
 SCISSOR AND YARN NIPER:  One part on the left, one on the right, each part contains a scissor and two yarn nipers cutted yarn lines are reserved.
 APPLICATION:  Flower mode such as flower knitting, hole digging, needle moving and simple returning, flower drawing and applique and some part knitting.
 Power:  Three 380V, frequency 50/60 HZ extra power, work can be on after ligh-off recover.
 FLOWER MEMORY :  30M superbig capacity memory
 KNITTING SOFTWARE:  Being in charge of japanese main horizontal desiging program software.
 FLOOR SPACE :  2370*830*1950mm (L*W*H)
 NET WEIGHT :  1100kg
Filling-in bits compound needle bed  
Ceramic electronical cable  
16 pieces yarn mouth system  
Yarn nip and scissor system  
Machine head  
Mother board  

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